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Developer Close-out at 900 Biscayne Bay

900 Biscayne Bay kitchen

Only 40 developer units remain available for sale at 900 Biscayne Bay.  If you have an interest in purchasing a condo there then be sure to contact us right away.  We expect all developer units to be sold within the next three months.  If you have a question about the building or wish to make an appointment to tour 900 Biscayne Bay then call us at 305-428-3860 or email us at

Dwyane Wade Leases a Penthouse at 900 Biscayne Bay

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat

Late last week, we learned from inside sources that Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat recently signed a lease for a penthouse on the 59th floor at 900 Biscayne Bay.  The penthouse was raw but the developer is currently performing a custom build-out to Wade’s specifications.  It’s almost unheard of for a developer to give any tenant a custom built-out.  The developer must either be counting on free publicity for 900 Biscayne Bay or that Dwyane Wade will fall in the love with the condo and purchase it at the end of his lease term. That would mean having to sell his luxury home in Miami.

Download the 900 Biscayne Bay e-brochure to see why 900 Biscayne Bay is such an incredible condo development.  The file is 63.2MB so please be patient as it will take a while to download.