Top 100 Companies To Watch For Remote Jobs In 2022

You’ll definitely reap more of the non-financial rewards of working remotely here. Digital marketing, content writers, graphic design, and social media marketing are among some of the careers that are mostly remote. That’s because they will require the use of a computer and internet connection. They don’t require special equipment that may only be available in an office setting.

best career fields to get remote jobs

There’s no fundamental reason that cyber security analysts cannot do everything in their job description in a remote work setup. Along with the high average salary, they receive quite a bit of flexibility and freedom from their employers, in general, since the work they perform is so critical to any tech or online company. As a former tech recruiter, I can tell you that many software developers earn $120,000 and above once they’ve gained experience. IT Courses Registered nurses can give medical advice over the phone or through telemedicine video apps, check up on patients and create health plans. What could only be done in the past by in-person visits with nurses and other medical providers, can now be done remotely for patients thanks to technological advancements. These nurses often have the opportunity to boost their income with overtime work or by being on call for home visits if necessary.

Nowadays, technology is making it a lot easier for organizations to work remotely; it’s still difficult to find remote work. People who want to shift to highly demanded remote careers are continually growing.

Omnes Job Board

Any job in the field of digital marketing has the potential to become a lucrative remote career, so don’t let the “manager” title here deter you. Application developers create, program, test and maintain software apps for mobile devices, computers and web browsers. They often work independently or in small teams, allowing them to work remotely in many situations.

Many employers would rather hire a better software engineer from outside their geographic area than limit themselves to who can come into their office. In addition to being good relationship builders, remote salespeople have to work well on their own and be very results-driven. Your manager will work best with you if you have coding great digital communication skills and you can clearly demonstrate your daily sales activity and your progress toward your sales goals. Sales is also unique in that for many roles you don’t need a bachelor’s degree. Generalists wear a variety of hats and do everything from social media management to brand development.

Location Independent Jobs That Will Make You Rich

So now, let’s see what you can expect to earn if you’re considering leaving your in-house role or upping your skills for a remote career change. Your resume and application should cover most of these bases, whether you’re applying for an in-house position or remote job. Depending on your work history, you may have years of education, certifications, and real-world career experience under your belt.

  • If you enjoy listening and enjoy typing, calls for transcription jobs are all over the web from every industry you can dream of.
  • Business development is closely related to sales, but unlike the day-to-day sales cycle, it usually focuses on creating long-term growth and opportunities for the company.
  • You may miss out on one remote opportunity because of a lack of experience or skill.
  • With the ever-growing remote workforce, it is possible to get a remote job with no prior remote experience.
  • IndieHackers is one of the online communities that gathers entrepreneurs of successful startups or side gigs.

Career, life and business coaches provide guidance to help their clients transform. These roles can be performed through a business or as an independent business. You can find Life Coaches, Fitness Coaches and Business Coaches offering services online and virtually. The main responsibility of a life coach is to help people who want to lead healthier lifestyles and improve both their physical and psychological well-being.

Project Management

As everything started to shut down, a lot of workers were required and encouraged to work from home, making many companies remote overnight. There are plenty of roles that can be done remotely, especially in the technology sector.

  • Offices can be a good place for networking, but there are plenty of online communities available now, with new ones being created frequently, that can help you form connections in the industry.
  • So, it’s good to know about productivity tools for remote teams.
  • Accounting is a stable and lucrative profession for people skilled in analytical thinking, mathematics and tax law.

Almost all companies need someone who can handle the queries and grievances of the customer. Creative and strategic executives with the experience to develop initiatives for a diverse and inclusive work environment should join this profession. They need to work with the administration and teams to implement agendas according to the business goals and local laws. Job applicants with knowledge and expertise in accounting and bookkeeping can join this profession. To become an accountant, you need to have a related degree or certificate. Knowing how to operate top accounting apps will make you a better candidate. You can look for job vacancies for this post or directly approach target companies.

Remote Jobs To Build An Amazing Career From Anywhere

They screen the jobs before posting, so you don’t have to dig through shady opportunities. The site best career fields to get remote jobs currently hosts more than 20K job listings including part-time and freelance opportunities.

best career fields to get remote jobs

You can do all the related tasks online, including finalizing the strategy for your client. This job requires you to manage social media pages and profiles. You’ll also have to enhance the client’s online presence and have a better audience engagement. Do you love to flaunt your creativity by magically structuring words and sentences? You can be a freelance contributor or work as a full-time writer for an organization.

If you have experience in recruiting and HR, consider applying to onboarding specialist remote jobs. The work typically involves sourcing, screening, and referring new candidates as well as guiding new recruits. Both large and small companies require onboarding assistance to help new hires succeed. One tip to stand out is to create sample employee handbooks that you can share with potential employers to demonstrate your ability to onboard new personnel effectively. My previous career was as a policy analyst, and when I started in 2017, remote jobs were few and far between.

Sales Representative

She built the whole Roostervane brand, and has worked with a bunch of other brands. Are you tired of the long commute, dressing up in a suit to go to work, or just want more flexibility in your work life? You couldn’t blame anyone who suffers through a daily commute for envying the bed-to-computer lifestyle of their remote-work colleagues.

  • Most use Zoom or other virtual collaboration tools to meet with students, so it is possible to be completely location-independent.
  • Arc sends only high-potential jobs and has a great community for developers.
  • Fully-remote positions continue to rise, and companies need qualified candidates with very specific skills to fill them.
  • Social media marketing is coming of age, and finally getting the respect it deserves.
  • From this article, you learned about the best remote job opportunities available for everyone.

In addition to their jobs board, the site’s blog has great tips. Whether you’re considering remote jobs or already have one, there are a few things you have to consider when trading a cubicle for a home office. Take a look at these five tricks for some easy ways to make your remote working experience an enjoyable one.

These 100% remote and fully-remote companies are always seeking virtual candidates. A lower starting salary shouldn’t deter you from applying for a remote position. In reality, these savings and the other benefits of working remotely may all even out.

Prep Your Github Account For The Job

The 2021 Flexjobs report on top flexible careers in 2021 includes the nonprofit sector as one the fastest growing spaces for remote and flexible jobs. As remote work continues, we’re likely to see more remote jobs for IT and cybersecurity professionals as well. Here are the top seven Industries with in demand jobs for remote workers. Data from Statista shows that while just 17% of workers were remote before Covid-19, as of April 2021, 44% were working fully remote five days a week.

  • Cyber security is a fast-growing field with a high average salary and great job prospects/job security looking forward.
  • They require the professional to see the patient in person to diagnose and treat illness or injury.
  • Not all industries are evolving in their capacity to offer remote work in the same ways.
  • To be successful in this position, you will need a reliable internet connection, and you may be asked to take a typing accuracy test.

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You can become a hiring recruiter if you have market research and negotiation skills. There’s no need to go to the office for that, as the whole hiring process can take place online. Salaries fluctuate by field, location, and even experience level. Two people who have the same job may not make the same wage, depending on where they live, how much experience they have, or a variety of other factors. Those who are tech-savvy can find their footing in software or engineering.

However, with experience and leveling up, more will come as time passes. In the meantime, you can consider entry level remote work such as customer service representative . It is possible for someone to earn a full-time income with a remote job.

With the HR tech coming into effect, all organizations need to hire an HR who understands the AI tools and technologies and can deploy them effectively while recruiting the candidates. Lastly, you can become a customer success manager if you want a work-from-home opportunity.


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