The Essential Guide To Website Navigation

Additionally, by providing a better user experience, websites with a good structure will see more engagement and rank higher on search engines. The way you structure your site will give Google vital clues about where to find the most valuable content on your site. It helps search engines understand what your site mainly is about or what you’re selling. A decent site structure also enables search engines to find and index content quickly.

Rankings in the SERPs are connected to how easy a website is to use and navigate. All transitions between pages should be natural and any page website structure should be accessible in no more than 3 clicks. It’s a rare type of site organization where each page can be accessed from any other page.

Website structure example

Topic clusters are a group of content that revolves around a central topic and use a pillar page to link to and from. In short, topic clusters are centered around a single topic and offer multiple internal linking opportunities to keep readers on your site. To put it simply, your website structure is the way information on your website is organized.

Sitemap Template With External Links

For example, when a user logs into the cable provider’s website, the platform will pull information such as how much the user owes on their upcoming bill. By showing what pages the user has been on, as well as what page they’re currently on, the website provides a better UX. Shown below is a site map template of a website architecture with a security login. The security indicator represents secure login which requires those who haven’t logged in to login before they access their account page. Beautifully designed icons for cluster pages, future pages, locked pages etc. available in the app.

It’s very similar to the breadcrumb navigation that many hierarchical websites use. This is the greatest opportunity to learn how your visitors navigate through competitor sites. Once you have identified the strengths and weaknesses, you can make improvements so your website delivers a much better experience. To take your website’s architecture to the next level, consider using structured data. At the same time, 20 percent of desktop sites and a massive 65 percent of mobile sites don’t use breadcrumbs at all on their product pages. This is a pretty big gap that can confuse users since they don’t know where they are on the site or how to navigate from there.

The best way to decide on how to create your structure is to take into account the outcome from your keyword research process. The home page is at the top of the hierarchy, followed by the main categories , sub categories and finally the product pages . In addition, search engine crawlers are able to crawl the website faster, discover more pages and this in turn can have a big impact on your SEO efforts. In this structure, all the web pages of a website are linked with each other directly.

Hey Julia Jung, Thank you so much for sharing this quality stuff for SEO technicalilty and importance. But your this article covered whole aspect of SEO which I will definety try to update on my site. Typically, contacts, a search box, a language or region switch are also included in the header.

Stick With One Category Per Blog Post

Two friends Anis and Iqbal took training in website development. Anis created the website by choosing the structure of Figure 1 and Iqbal Figure 2. The easiness through which crawlers and bots will navigate through your pages in a natural way. A bad structure could be mitigated with a sitemap, yet not providing a clear structure of your site might stop crawlers to index some of your pages.

Website structure example

3.You will be able to explain different types of website structures. The Codeable Editorial Team consists of WordPress experts and professionals with years of experience building, managing, and growing WordPress-powered websites. Your site structure needs to reflect your goal requirements and how your users use your content. This means taking into account where users are coming from and what information expect to find on your website. is an example of a site that has multiple levels that form a complex hierarchy. The home page is simple, but you can get to any other page on the site from the home page. This type of hierarchy can extend down to many levels, where lower levels provide more details than higher levels. A good example of a three-level hierarchy is a book review site.

What Is A Navigation Menu?

The choice is, of course, yours but we’re going to give you the facts so you can decide what works best for you. You might be thinking that this sounds exactly like information architecture. There are several types and subcategories of structure out there, but we’re focusing on four that cover the most bases and that you’ll most often see used in the wild. Ecommerce websites can quickly grow in size and if you don’t have a solid structure from the beginning, you can easily get lost.

  • 88 percent of online consumers say they are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.
  • Use our sample sitemap and website tips to create a structure that appeals to supporters and participants.View the Driven by Programs structure.
  • In this type of solution, structure elements are not logically related.
  • They may work alongside other professionals, like UX/UI designers.
  • The latter are lengthy, where product landing pages shouldn’t be that long.
  • The participants categorize topics however they like and in the order that makes sense to them.

As you conduct the testing, remember to collect qualitative data in addition to quantitative information on clicks. Users’ explanations on why they did what they did will help you understand your customers better and improve your product. Wireframes are drawn on paper or using special software like Justinmind or Visio for creating digital wireframes, sitemaps, or high-fidelity prototypes. Wireframes are tested by users to define whether the structure is clear and concise. Although a sitemap is the first prototype in information architecture development, you still have to create advanced prototypes by wireframing and data modeling. Contextual – relates to specific content, like document, page, video-audio object, or related products.

Group Similar Keywords On One Page

This frame remains fixed and if a link is clicked, the web page is displayed in the large frame. As you can see, this website example accounts for 10 pages, including the homepage. Its structure is a map of how logically the business wants to group and present all their information in a way that makes sense to their users. Hello, I have been interested in digital marketing for 2 years. I produce content to be useful to you in the fields of SEO, Digital Marketing and I work with the Dopinger team. Site structure is the way that your website content is organized.

The cards can be digital or physical, i.e. written on pieces of paper. They should have numbers and some should have blank spaces, so the participants can create their own names for categories. As a result, you’ll see the approximate structure of a product and proceed with the first prototypes.

Blog Menu

If that is the case, it is important to explain that the development does not end after the launch. The Internet is a dynamically developing environment where business success is largely due to the timely integration of working business solutions. Subsequent additions and changes to the site after the launch should not lead to permanent fundamental changes in its structure.

How To Plan A Website Structure

Sitelinks are the block in the SERP that shows your domain along with several internal URLs grouped below. They separate your website from others in the search results and are likely to increase the CTR. Google automatically pulls out the most relevant information to generate sitelinks, and the only way you can influence this process is to build a comprehensive structure.

Provide access to most of your website’s pages in 3-4 clicks. Let’s take a look at a few best practices you should keep in mind when designing your site’s architecture. Encourages deep site navigation by providing more pages for users to visit. A typical website structure looks like a rooted tree graph, in which the home page is the root. The pages that are linked out from the home page are branches, and from there, each page has additional branches sprouting from it. Without question, your website structure plays a critical role in retaining users and boosting conversions.

The final touch to your perfect website architecture will be your approach to internal linking in the content. Also, pagination is a nightmare in terms of link equity efficiency. It makes older content harder to reach both for users and search engine crawlers. Website architecture or site architecture is the structure you use to organize your website. The structure refers to the website hierarchy of pages, categories, and sections and how the users and search crawlers navigate between your pages. However, it’s imperative to test your information architecture as soon as the prototype is ready and before it gets to the development team.

To get started, read How to Build a Website so you can use your site to reach more potential customers. It helps to visually map out your site’s structure at this stage to help you to see how topic clusters fit together and where specific pages and posts should go. The structure you choose has a direct impact on your website’s usability, and this means making it easier for users to find the products, services, or information that they’re looking for.

This means the main navigation should provide the big buckets that all other content will fit into. These won’t necessarily be the most important pages on your site. Instead, they’ll allow visitors to easily find whatever it is they’re looking for.

When using this guide, it’s important to remember that no two nonprofits are exactly alike. We definitely want this guide to help you with your website structure, but it shouldn’t be a straight copy and paste for your website. Website structure is a central piece of anyhighly effective nonprofit website.

Maintain A Clear Url Structure

The correct label gives users proper conceptualization of the category they are dealing with. During this procedure, name all parts of IA with headings and subheadings. The purpose of labels is to attract user attention, giving a proper understanding of what to expect from clicking on a link.

Different Structures Of Web Page Design

To help you get started, we put together a free video training that will give you all the tools and tactics you will need to get started even if you don’t have any prior experience. If you get any significant search traffic already, know that even if you correctly redirect the old URL to the new one, you are playing a bit of a Russian roulette game with your rankings. In the eyes of Google, a web page is a web page, and they don’t really care if you used the page or blog post function inside WordPress. In my experience, it’s a good idea to make a reasonable attempt at a clean site structure when you get started.

For example, one user could choose to navigate through a set of content based on date while another navigates based on topic. Now that you’ve put all your efforts into creating a website using the essential web design elements, we need to talk Search Engine Optimization. This is the practice of organically ranking your website on search engines, like Google. A sitemap is a tool that can be used to visualize the structure of a website. Basically a sitemap is a tool that can be used to plan a website, its design as well as its development. If you are not sure which type of structure will suit your business website best, you can consult the opinion of professionals.

Visitors can easily pick their objective and learn about features (MailerLite’s website builder). Write up a first draft, take a break and then edit the copy with a fresh pair of eyes—do this as many times as needed. Spellcheck tools like Grammarly help you write perfect English, and online editors like Readable or Hemmingway check your text’s readability and give suggestions for improvement. Create a blog Drive traffic and engage visitors with an easy-to-build blog.


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