7 Most Useful Websites for Indian Traders

Once you’ve assessed risks, traders must be ready to bet on that economic anomaly. Work the research, work the analysis, and trends and then go all-in with that trading decision. Don’t follow a herd mentality, don’t be too attached to the trade and you might just make money in the long run. Since we are talking losses, Mark Weinstein’s insight is another lesson for traders to learn from. After losing his initial capital fast on the stock markets, he worked in real estate for a short stint. This stint offered him insight into the attitude of losing in the stock market.

  • Upstox achieves the second rank and a big credit goes to its solid marketing.
  • All orders to buy or sell shares take place through this trading account.
  • Darvas felt when investors make each one of these mistakes it is a clear sign that they have lost focus and have to regain it.
  • In terms of technical features and responsiveness of the trading platform, the brand achieves a better rank.

It is no secret that most of the Indian Stock Market Traders give up once they face such losses in the market. He says if he’s down 4 per cent on a single day, he closes out all positions and waits until the next day to get into anything again. Further, if the loss point reaches 10 per cent per month he exits all positions and waits until next month to begin trading again. Then the turn of Mukul Agarwal comes with 30 years of expertise. The next on the list are Sunil Singhania, Ashish Kacholia, and Ashish Dhawan. The fourth and fifth positions are held by Ashish Kacholia and Sunil Singhania with 26 stocks each.

Paul Tudor Jones was one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers. Jones began his trading career as a clerk working for the biggest cotton merchants – Eli Tullis in the 1970s. Unknown small profit margin to many Jones was fired by Tullis after he fell asleep at his desk after a night of partying. Thanks to his father’s help he moved to the US to work at a Wall Street Brokerage firm.

How to Become a Full-Time Trader?

The person in 8th position is Anil Kumar Goel whose portfolio grew by 102.97% over the past year. His portfolio’s total worth is Rs. 1,366 crores as of September 2021. His portfolio’s worth jumped from Rs.493 crores in 2016 to Rs.1,698 crores in 2021, accumulating an overall growth of nearly 250%. Over the last one year, his portfolio’s worth rose by 106.82%. His bucket is full of multibagger stocks like PDS Multinational Fashion Ltd., Delta Corp., Gati Ltd., and many others.

famous stock traders

It was in 2009 that the tech world was shaken by the revelations of the Satyam Computers Services scandal. Many were affected, including the traders who had been backing the Satyam stock for a long-time. But with the scandal coming into the limelight traders lost big sums of assets in the stock market.

What are Options and Options Trading?

The trading costs have reduced drastically asdiscount brokerscharge only nominal fee compared to traditional brokers. Every person enters into the stock market with the aim of making it big overnight. Earning large sums of money in a small period of time is a dream of the stock trader.

There’s nothing too advanced that impresses and encourages investors. Parent company benefits you through loans and other financial services. Groww app opens the doors to opportunities for budding traders through its beginner-friendly features. Its trading platform is one of the easy ways to trade assets online. Brokerage charges are low in Kotak Securities, and intraday is almost free, while other trading segments are a bit costly.

As an investor, when you buy the shares of a company, you buy an equivalent degree of ownership in that company. The stock market is where these company shares are bought and sold from one investor to another. He primarily writes on stocks with special focus on PMS-AIF industry, telecom and new-age companies. His last stint was with The Economic Times where he wrote on stock markets and led IPO reportage. If the return on capital employed is less than 9%, investing in the company is not justified. The most important factor is how the association plans to develop in the future.

famous stock traders

And lose even lesser or prevent it completely the next time – That is progress. The top day traders are those who are able to consistently make money trading the market. They are able to do this because they have a set of skills and strategies that allow them to https://1investing.in/ be successful. The best day trading strategies are those that are based on the psychology of the market. They are based on the idea that the market will react to events in the future and that these events will cause the market to move in a certain direction.

No worries for refund as the money remains in investor’s account. Your success as a day trader depends on your understanding of fundamental aspects of the market and securities. Edwin Lefevre wrote this book Reminiscences of a Stock Operator in 1923.

Why Choose Kotak Securities?

The most successful people on the stock market are those who have a long-term investment strategy and stick to it. The Retail Banking segment serves retail customers through the Bank’s branch network and other channels. Dhamankar is imparting her decade-long experience in the stock market to her children now. 5Paisa is becoming famous for its discount brokerage services. The increasing interest of retail investors towards 5Paisa affordable trading services helps the broker cross its first 1 million user base. Such as, you can trade here via online platforms and telephonic calls.

Whether you are planning to kick off your stock investment journey or want to level up your stock investment returns, keeping a check on these top traders in India is the need of the hour. In terms of popularity, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is undoubtedly the most popular stock investor in the country. Due to his regular appearances in the media and stock market fraternity, he enjoys a special place in the field of stock market investments. The most dynamic stock investors who have invested across diverse stocks with varying capitalization are Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and RK Damani. They are followed by Mukul Agarwal, Sunil Singhania, and Mohnish Pabrai.

famous stock traders

The strategy can be followed by people with low amount capital as well. In the early stages, Thakkar advises to keep allocation to one stock at 10 percent of available capital. You can increase the allocation after you attain more experience in identifying the right stocks to trade. The loss of the job also served as an opportunity as he started working on his own as a sub-broker bringing clients to brokers. Initially, the 35-year old says, he followed what others said.

Day trading in India and regional differences

If someone suggested using Relative Strength Index , he would do that. According to Darvas, investors should keep a close watch on the trading volumes of the selected stocks and wait for an unusually high trading volume in any of them. Darvas figured out that he had to develop a trading strategy on his own in order to achieve success. He had no mentor to turn to, but he never let the lack of knowledge become an obstacle and started reading financial publications and reports even during his trips. Among other venture firms in India, Nemish Shah is a key backer of ENAM. He’s also one of the country’s finest small-time financial investors.

And, since the markets constantly change, he tends to adapt the percentage he looks for based on the overall market and individual sectors. He also gets a feel for how stocks in different sectors move and how fast they rebound, and then accordingly takes his decisions. Brett Sifling, 18, has been actively trading financial securities since age 14.

Meet Ashu Sehrawat – one of the youngest millionaires of India

One day, while staring at a chart on his screen some tech glitch removed all applied indicators from it. It was then that Thakkar suddenly realised he could see the price movement clearer. It took some time to refine the strategy, but he has never looked back since then. He believes price along with volume is the best indicator that can guide one to make successful trades and insists on following just these instead of cluttering the trading screen with a host of indicators. “The combination of price and increased volume is key to stock selection. Focus your time on new leaders emerging with a new market cycle,” he said.

Such as partner programs and sub broker franchise models are a few things traders look for in their brokers. We analyzed each broker carefully and found some positive reviews on trading charges. Almost all brands in our top 10 share brokers list provide free delivery trading charges except for Upstox & Groww. Intraday trading is possible in any segment whether it is cash, futures and options (F&O),commodityorcurrency derivatives.

Apart from that, Partner Program and Referral are also offered by many brokers in which you need to promote the broker and its services to other clients online. Such as, most brokers let you open a Demat account and trading account at once; you don’t apply them additionally. And some of the top 10 stock brokers in India built a notable spot in this area. The brand you are trusting for trading must have strong credentials. They must have a strong base, and some credible names and investors should be their active users.


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